Alternative coffee diaries: Episode 2

Alternative coffee diaries: Episode 2
‘A one woman quest for the best in dairy alternative caffeinated beverages!’

Coconut Latte
Score 7/10

This is a grower. My first sip of the coconut latte confused me. Was very coconutty and very sweet. At first I thought there had been a horrible mistake – had I been given a regular latte with a pump of coconut syrup? I check the receipt, OK, I paid for coconut milk… (lost my thread there…I’m writing this on a delayed train and the announcer is a joker. Onwards!) yes, I’d paid for it, and the symbols, along with the obligatory incorrect spelling of my name, seemed to suggest coconut milk had been used. I go for another sip, and I can taste it now. I feel confident that I’m not going to spend the rest of the day in a bloated, sniffley daze, so I crack on.

If you don’t like coconut, this is not the drink for you. The flavour comes through pretty strong, and in a plain latte this works pretty well but if you’re into your syrups then, unless it goes with coconut, I’d go for something with a weaker flavour.

There is no sign of floaty, curdled grossness 🙂 hooray.

To be honest, I couldn’t hugely taste the coffee…so can’t really comment on that. I drank it, so must have been ok!

I’d have it again, with the expectation of coconut and sweetness being the main flavours.

K x



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