“Hi! I’m Kayleigh and I’m Lactose free”

Sometimes, it feels like I’m revealing some dirty secret, when someone invites me to dinner, and i have to have this conversation; “I’m lactose free, so I can’t eat any cows milk products or I become unwell…sorry!”

However, being lactose intolerant is not uncommon in the UK. Lactoseintolerant.co.uk says that around 15% of people in the UK are intollerent, so there are more of us out there!

I’m Kayleigh, and I was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant when I was 16 years old. Until that point, I’d had 16 years to enjoy all great dairy products out there. I loved cheese, chocolate, yoghurt, cream… Basically everything that’s made of dairy, so transitioning  to a dairy free diet was a challenge.

I decided to write this blog, to help people to eat a healthy dairy free diet, to talk about some of my own experiences and to help those of you who have just started your dairy free journey!

Anyway, just a short intro for now 🙂

Love Kayles x



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